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Dir. Jem Cohen | 1999 | 115 min

NEW LOWER PRICE! An intimate and incendiary document of Fugazi at work from 1987 to 1998.

A unique long-term collaboration between Fugazi and filmmaker Jem Cohen, Instrument mixes live footage, studio sessions, and archive material to closely examine the standard-bearing post-hardcore band's tensile sound, fierce commitment, and fervently ethical business practices while puncturing misconceptions that they're a bunch of humorless, ideologically pure ascetics. (Drummer Brendan Canty hilariously recounts how his sister's boyfriend believed he, singer/guitarists Ian MacKaye and Guy Picciotto, and bassist Joe Lally shared a house with no heating and ate nothing but rice.) The consistently incredible concert scenes, filmed in clubs, prisons, and high school gyms, is the staunch gut of the film: using a variety of film formats, Cohen captures the utterly engrossing energy of frontmen MacKaye and Picciotto as they pinball across the stage and the tension and release of songs that build with such force, might, and apprehension that when they explode it’s like Armageddon has come.

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Ian Mackaye
Guy Picciotto
Brendan Canty
Joe Lally
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